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Located in Hamburg, Germany, bontempo turns spaces into messages for international brands. In retail design, shopfitting and store construction, exhibition booth / exhibition stand design and construction and event management and production.
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bontempo group | Team

The Team

The bontempo team is as versatile as our range of services. Fine artists, visual communications professionals, wood specialist-technicians, specialist carpenters and scenery construction managers, graphic designers, decorators and painters, marketing, exhibition and event professionals: They all bring their very best to bontempo, exchanging ideas, inspiring each other and relentlessly pushing things forward – managed by the company owners and founders Carsten Heppke and Michael Seidel, who met each other during their studies at Hamburg’s Academy for Fine Arts.

We have structured our staff of full-time employees and freelancers to ensure that every step of every project adds creativity and value. At bontempo, idea and execution are just a few steps apart, making us fast, agile and effective. As a result our creativity knows almost no limits.

Close integration of theory and practice and collaboration across industry and target group boundaries across all three divisions of the bontempo group located on our central company site in Hamburg adds tremendous value to our projects. At the same time bontempo is so well positioned and broadly based that we easily manage a multitude of projects in parallel: with maximum precision, in sync and on time.